Monday, May 12, 2008

Riddle Me This...Poems To Solve

Calmenson, Stephanie What Am I? Very First Riddles
E Calmenso
A collection of easy-to-read riddles in verse about everyday objects.

Lewis, J. Patrick Riddle-Icious
E Lewis
If you love riddles and rhymes, enjoy the fun of solving these

short poems. If you get stuck, don't worry, the pictures
hold clues!

Morrison, Lillian Guess Again! Riddle Poems
J 811.54 Morrison
Presents more than twenty riddle poems about such topics

as nature, pets, food, and play.

Swann, Brian A Basketful Of White Eggs: Riddle Poems
E Swann
Fifteen brief poems, with folk sources in a variety of countries, present riddles to solve which can be answered in the illustrations.

Swenson, May The Complete Poems To Solve
J 811. 54 Swenson
A selection of the author's poetry, largely dealing with nature, which
challenges the reader to guess the subject of each poem or a meaning
not immediately obvious.

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