Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check out a cool Christmas picture book

So many different kinds of holidays!

Zelda and Ivy: one Christmas / Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Two little sister foxes named Zelda and Ivy love Christmas. They bake gingerbread cookies with their neighbor, Mrs. Brownlie and try to decide what they want Santa to bring on Christmas eve.

When they find out that Mrs. Brownlie is going to spend Christmas all along, the sisters decide that they must find a way to make her holiday as bright and happy as they can.

An Ellis Island Christmas / Maxinne Rhea Leighton ; ill. by Dennis Nolan

A young girl, her two brothers and her mother travel from Poland to New York around the turn of the 20th century to join their father and make a better life for themselves. They arrive by ship at Ellis Island on Christmas Eve after a long journey. Their father finds them and they go to their new home on a most memorable Christmas Day.

Aunt Olga's Christmas postcards / Kevin Major ; ill. by Bruce Roberts

Anna's Aunt Olga is 95 and still sassy. At Christmas, they like to bake cookies and Aunt Olga shares her Christmas stories with Anna. Aunt Olga has a beautiful collection of old Christmas photos, postcards and poems that she shows to Anna. Anna loves them, so Aunt Olga teaches her how to make Christmas rhymes of her own.

Santa Claws / Laura Leuck ; ill. by Gris Grimly

Even monsters have Christmas, and boy, do they get excited! Little monsters boys Mack and Zack have tried to be good all year! It is Christmas Eve, and they've hung up their smelly socks on the fireplace and left out some slimy, smelly treats for Santa Claws. They are really hoping Santa Claws will come down their chimney and bring them a new potion kit and a vampire bat for Christmas.

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