Monday, August 31, 2009

New Books

By Scott Christian Sava with art by Joseph Bergin III

This graphic novel is about a boy for whom nothing moves fast enough, certainly not school. Then one day his metabolism goes into overdrive and he can move SUPER fast. Joey, his friend, and his mom and dad think it’s great, but are there individuals out there that will want to use Joey’s new speed for their own schemes?

Saurophaganax and Other Meat-Eating Dinosaurs
By Dougal Dixon and illustrated by Steve Weston and James Field

This book is about meat-eating dinosaurs, such as the Saurophaganax, and how they caught their prey. It also compares the different ways these dinosaurs hunted to present day animals, such as lions, polar bears, and hyenas. The book has illustrations of the dinosaurs and their prey and compares the size of the dinosaurs to the elephant.

Spot the Plot: A Riddle Book of Riddles
By J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

This book gives little riddles that describe the plot of a famous children’s book or story, and the object is to figure out which story the riddles are talking about. There are little clues within the lines and the illustrations that can help the reader figure out the riddles.

The Wild Washerwomen
By John Yeoman and illustrated by Quentin Blake

There were seven washerwomen who were the best washerwomen around. However, they grew unhappy and tired of the bigger and bigger stacks of laundry that their boss brings them to wash and iron. Then one day they decide not to do the laundry but to go wild through the town and through other villages. How will these villages deal with these wild washerwomen? Will they ever wash laundry again?

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