Monday, October 19, 2009

Some New Books for October

Sensational Human Body Science Projects
by Ann Benbow and Colin Mably and illustrated by Tom Labaff

This nonfiction book has ways to investigate how things about the human body. These things include how well you hear things, feel things, taste and smell things, how fast your reactions are, what the most common eye color is, and how finger prints are similar and different. There are ideas for science fair projects after each investigation. There is also a list of books and websites that could also be consulted for ideas for science fair projects and further information about health and the human body.

Ready for Anything!
by Keiko Kasza

Raccoon and Duck had planned to go on a picnic, but Raccoon no longer wants to go. He ask Duck what would happen if certain things, like being attacked by bees or get stuck in a storm occur. Both Duck and Raccoon agree that picnics can be dangerous, but duck asks what if they find butterflies instead of bees and there is a light breeze instead of a storm. They then decide to go on the picnic, but raccoon wants to be prepared for anything. Will they be able to have a picnic? Will that picnic go smoothly?

Peeny Butter Fudge
by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison and illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Mom has to go and leaves grandma to watch the kids. Grandma and the kids have fun while following the schedule that their mom left for them. After lunch they all lay down for naptime followed by story time. Then they all have fun in the backyard. Next is snack time and then more time for playing doctor. Then grandma and the children do some dancing together and work on a puzzle. Before their mom comes home, grandma wants to make some Peeny Butter Fudge. What will Mom say when she gets home?

The Kingdom Keepers
by Ridley Pearson

Disney transforms Finn Whitman and four other children into holograms (or DHI forms) that were created to show people how to get around in the parks of Disneyworld. One night, though, Finn finds himself, in his holographic form (or is he?), inside the Magic Kingdom. Finn is told by Imagineer, Wayne that the Magic Kingdom is in danger. Maleficent, and other Disney characters, are called the Overtakers, and these Overtakers are plotting to destroy Disneyworld and maybe even more. Can Finn and the other kids defeat the Overtakers and save the park?

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