Monday, November 30, 2009

Some New Books for November

Tiger Pups
by Tom and Allie Harvey

This nonfiction book is about Isabella the dog and how she decided to take care of three baby white tiger cubs. The tiger cubs were born on July 27, 2008, but their mother, Sassy, decided not to take care of them. The owner’s of the wildlife park, Allie and Tom Harvey, know that the tigers need help, and they decide to take them home. Isabella, their dog, decides to take care of the tigers, and they become tiger pups. Then we they are old enough, the tigers start to play with one another and Isabella, Sonny, and Sadie. Playing teaches the tigers how to be tigers. The tigers’ names are Nasira, Anjika, and Sidani. Along with the story of Isabella and the tiger pups, there are pictures of the three tiger pups, Isabella, Sonny, Sadie, and of Allie Harvey.

Pennies for Elephants
by Lita Judge

When they decide to retire, Mr. and Mrs. William Offord offer to sell the elephants to the city of Boston for the zoo. However, Boston could not afford to pay for the elephants. The Orfords agreed to give the children of Boston two months to raise $6,000 to pay for the elephants. Children like Henry and Dorothy gather up all the coins they can find and donate to the city in order to keep the elephants. They also work doing various chores and jobs to make money to donate. Every day a reporter lists the amount of money that different children donated. Will the children be able to give $6,000, or will the elephants be bought by another zoo?

Would I Trade My Parents?
by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by James Bernardin

Did you ever want to trade your parents for someone else’s? A young boy looks at his friends’ parents and all of the cool things they can do. He also talks about things that their parents let them do that he does not get to, such as letting him watch T.V. until eight and have chocolate milk before dinner. Then he looks at his parents and the cool things they can do, and then he thinks about all the cool things they do for him. Will he decide to trade them?

Don’t Be Afraid, Little Pip
by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Pip was going to learn how to swim, but she decided that she would rather fly than swim. She tells her mom and dad that she is a bird, and birds fly. They tell her that penguins don’t fly, they swim. When the other penguins line up to learn how to swim, Pip walks away. She soon meets a Snow Petrel. The Snow Petrel tells her to flap her wings, lift up her beak, and leap. When she tries, Pip falls down instead. She soon comes to a Giant Albatross. The Albatross tells her to stand on a ledge, jump, spread her wings, and glide. When Pip tries, though, she falls again. Will Pip be able to fly or will she decide to try swimming instead?

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