Monday, January 11, 2010


If You Were a Penguin
by Wendell and Florence Minor

What could you do if you were a penguin? This picture books shows you all of the things that penguins can do, such as “flying” underwater, living on land and in the water, swim in both warm and cold places, and “toboggan” by sliding around on the ice and down hills on their tummies. There are many different things that penguins can do, but can you also do these things, as well? Can you be a penguin, too? At the end of the story are some fun facts about penguins.

by Liz Pichon

The penguins at the zoo have a little routine of the things that they do every day. They swim, eat fish, play games, sleep standing up, and look at the people who are looking at them. Then one day, a camera is dropped by a little girl. A little penguin goes to look at it. The other penguins ask him what a camera is, and he tells them it is for smiling at. He soon talks the other penguins into taking some pictures together. They take several pictures together, but soon, the camera stops working. Little penguin puts the camera back where he found it. The next morning, the zookeeper finds the camera and takes it to the lost and found. Will the little girl who dropped her camera be able to find it? Will she be surprised when she sees all of the pictures that the penguins took? At the back of the book are the pictures that the penguins took while they had the camera.

A Penguin Story
by Antoinette Portis

Edna the penguin only sees the color white in the snow and ice, the color black in the night, and the color blue of the ocean and fish. She knows, though, that there must be other colors, too. While the other penguins are playing a game and hunting for fish, Edna is too busy looking for something that is a different color than she is used to seeing. They ask her to come after she gets tired of looking, but Edna never gets tired of looking. Then she decides to go looking for something else, and she finds it. She brings her friends to the orange buildings, planes, and outfits that scientists have. The scientists say hello to the penguins, but it is soon time for them to leave. The penguins help them pack up their things. One of the scientists gives Edna one of his gloves to keep, so she will have the color. Will Edna be able to find any other colors?

by Seymour Simon

This nonfiction book tells you many interesting facts about penguins. Their nesting areas are called rookeries, and these rookeries can have thousands of penguin pairs standing very close to one another. There are seventeen different types of penguins, and some penguins can swim as deep as 1,500 feet to look for food. When penguins are babies, they do not have waterproof feathers like the adult penguins. So they have to wait until they develop these feathers to swim. There are many fun facts like these about penguins. There are also pictures of many of the different kinds of penguins. At the back of the book is a glossary.

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