Monday, April 12, 2010

National Library Week

April 11-17, 2010 is National Library Week

The Best Book to Read
by Debbie Bertram & Susan Bloom and illustrated by Michael Garland

Today is the class trip to the library, and the librarian tells the children that she will help them find the book that is “best” for them to read. She shows the children a space book, a book with knights and dragons, a bug book, a book about how to bake a cake, a dinosaur book, a book on how to train pets, and a magic trick book. Then the children pick out the “best book” and get their own library card. Then on the bus ride back to school, everyone enjoys reading the books they checked out.

Bats at the Library
by Brian Lies

One night the bats see that a librarian has left one of the library windows open a crack. The bats love to visit the library, and they cannot wait until they have the opportunity to do so. The bats look at many different kinds of book, and some bats like to “hang” around and talk about the books they have read. The little bats also learn the kinds of games they can play at the library, including making shadow shapes and copying themselves on the copier. The bats even have a storytime while they rest. Then the bats imagine themselves inside the story. They are so wrapped up in the story, the bats do not notice when the sun begins to lighten the sky. When they do notice, they know that it is time to leave, but they hope that a librarian will be kind enough to leave the window cracked on a night that is soon.

The Boys who was Raised by Librarians
by Carla Morris and illustrated by Brad Sneed

Melvin spends a lot of time at the Livingston Public Library, where he can learn about anything that he is curious about. He also gets to see his favorite people behind the reference desk. The librarians always talked to Melvin, and they were interested in anything that he was. They would help him find whatever information he needed in a book or on the Internet. One day, Melvin accidentally lets eighty-seven insects loose in the library, but Marge, Betty, and Leeola help him find, identify, classify, and catalog all of the bugs very quickly. As the years go by, the librarians help Melvin prepare for his part in the school play, help him with his baseball card collection, help him with the spelling bee (which he wins), and with a science fair. Melvin also comes to all the library programs. In high school, Melvin even gets a part-time job at the library. While he is at college, Melvin stays in touch with his favorite people at the library, and then he becomes the new librarian after he is done with school. He will soon help other children the way his favorite people helped him.

Library Lil
by Suzanne Williams and illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Lil has always had a book in her hand, even when she was just one year old. She even carried a book on the field with her when she played soccer. Lil had read all of the books in the children’s section by the time she was eight years old. She was also very strong, and could lift a whole set of encyclopedias in one arm, while reading one with her right. She would turn the pages with her teeth (but please do not try this at home). When she grew up, Lil became a librarian. Unfortunately, everyone in that town liked to watch television. Then one night a powerful storm blew in and knocked out the electricity. Lil pushed the bookmobile all over town and made sure everyone had something to read by candlelight. The electricity stayed off for two weeks, and by that time, everyone had gotten used to reading instead of watching television. Lil storytimes were also very popular. Then one night a motorcycle gang came to town. The leader was Bust-‘em-up Bill, and he got very upset when he found out he could not watch his favorite show. He decides to block the parking spot for the bookmobile with his motorcycle gang’s motorcycles. When Lil shows up, she tells them they need to move the motorcycles, or she will. Bill tells her they will all read if she can move the motorcycles. Lil throws them all into a big pile and parks the bookmobile. Then the guys go into the library and start reading. Soon they have to expand the library, and Lil gets some help from Bill, who is now called “Bookworm Bill.” He is also a great storyteller, and there are never any overdue books since he started working there.

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