Monday, May 24, 2010

May 25th is National Tap Dance Day

May 25th is National Tap Dance Day
Here are some dancing books to enjoy.

Prancing Dancing Lily
by Marsha Diane Arnold and pictures by John Manders

The other cows are concerned that all Lily does is prance and dance, and this can be very distracting when they all line up to go into the barn for milking. None of the cows look forward to the day when Lily will lead the line. So one day Lily decides to go find a place where she will fit in as she dances and prances. First, she goes to a square dance, but she writes home to tell the other cows that it is not where she fits. She also tries out as a dancer for the Radio City Music Hall in New York City and on board a cruise ship, but she does not feel that either place is a good fit for her. Soon she travels all over the world, but she is still unable to find a place to fit in. Then on a small island in the Caribbean, Lily learns a dance that will help her keep the cows in line back home. What do you think that dance is? Do you think the other cows will like it?

Meet the Dancers: From Ballet, Broadway, and Beyond
by Amy Nathan

This nonfiction book is about many different kinds of famous dancers, how they decided they wanted to dance, what training they had to become dancers, and the kind of dancing that they do. There are pictures of the dancers taken while they are dancing and also a picture from when they were children. Becoming a dancer takes a lot of hard work, and each dancer shares how much work they have put into their dancing, and there is also a sample of their schedule, so you can see how much work it takes to put on the shows that they perform in. At the end of the book, there is a glossary with definitions of many different types of dancing or dancing terms.

Fritz Danced the Fandango
by Alicia Potter and illustrated by Ethan Long

Fritz is one of the few goats that know the fandango. He dances the fandango all over the place. The other goats like to make fun of Fritz’s fandango, and he decides that he would much rather be with a herd that did like to dance the fandango. So he sets off to find this new herd. On his journey he meets a sheep named Liesl who does not dance the fandango, but she does like to yodel. She comes with him on his search. Fritz and Liesl soon meet Gerhard, a dog who plays the glockenspiel. Gerhard joins them on their search. Fritz cannot find another goat who can dance at all, and soon he goes off to be sad by himself. Then he hears dancing, and what do you think that he found? Did he find a new herd that can also dance?

Dancing Granny
by Elizabeth Winthrop and illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca

One night a granddaughter invites her grandmother to go to the zoo, but her grandmother is already ready for bed and does not want to go. The little girl tells her grandmother that the animals are getting ready for her at the zoo, and she gets her grandmother ready to go. At the zoo, the animals are ready to party. Her grandmother has a lot of fun dancing with the animals, and each animal does a different dance with granny. Will her grandmother enjoy the party and the dancing? Will she want to return?

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