Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Groundhog Day's Tomorrow

Groundhog Weather School
by Joan Holub and illustrated by Kristin Sorra

The groundhog does not see his shadow and predicts that spring has arrived. Rabbit goes outside and finds that the groundhog was wrong. He writes a letter to let the groundhog know that he needs to spread more groundhogs around, so that everyone can know when spring is coming. Groundhog puts an ad in the newspaper to start a Groundhog Weather School. The class tells Groundhog different facts about being a groundhog, such as how much they weigh and where they live. The class also writes reports on famous groundhogs, such as Punxsutawney Phil and Pierre C. Shadeaux. The students discuss other animals that can predict weather, seasons, and shadows. There is a test to see if the groundhogs are ready for graduation day. How do you think the student groundhogs did? Will they get to help predict the weather on Groundhog Day? Will Rabbit get an accurate forecast this Groundhog Day?

Substitute Groundhog
by Pat Miller and illustrated by Kathi Ember

On February 1st, Groundhog wakes up sick. Dr. Owl tells Groundhog that he has the flu and needs hot clover soup and two days of bed rest. Groundhog is supposed to come out to check for his shadow, and now he is needs to think of something fast. Groundhog decides to put up an ad for a substitute groundhog. There is a line of animals interested in giving weather predicting a try. Mole comes out of the hole well, but he cannot see anything. Eagle can see really well, but he cannot fit in Groundhog’s hole. Bear goes down into the hole, but he falls asleep and cannot check for his shadow. Squirrel is next, but she forgets to check for her shadow. Will Groundhog be able to find anyone to take his place so he can rest and get better? What is the animal that works best as a substitute groundhog? Does she have any great ideas for helping Groundhog get better?

Double Trouble Groundhog Day
by Bethany Roberts and illustrated by Lorinda Bryan Cauley

The Groundhog family is enjoying a big meal before they hibernate for the winter. Greta and Gregory are twins that are not very good at sharing with one another. Their grandparents call them “Double Trouble.” Grampie Groundhog tells everyone that he has decided that one of the twins should take over checking to see their shadow on Groundhog Day. Both twins want to do it, so Grampie has them draw straws to see who wins. Gregory draws the longer straw, and he is really happy to take over for Grampie Groundhog. Greta is not very happy for Gregory. Gregory worries about the responsibility as he drifts off to sleep, and his worries lead to bad dreams. Gregory sleepwalks outside and leaves his glasses. Greta wakes up on February 2, but she has a hard time getting Gregory up. Will Gregory be able to handle Groundhog Day by himself? Will he need a little help from his sister?

Groundhog Gets a Say
by Pamela Curtis Swallow and illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Groundhog is not happy that everyone only pays attention to him one day a year. He believes that February should become Groundhog Appreciation Month. Groundhog tells us why he is special, such as his ability to whistle when danger is near and his ability to dig a lot of dirt. Groundhog also shares facts about the people who love groundhogs, called marmotophiles. Groundhog shares many other facts about what groundhogs can smell and eat and what groundhogs use their teeth for. Will the groundhogs be successful in getting Groundhog Appreciation Month?

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