Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies
by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders

On the Salty Carrot there is a rowdy band of Buccaneer Bunnies, and when all of the other pirates see these Buccaneer Bunnies, they are very afraid. The captain’s name is Barnacle Black Ear, and he is proud of his reputation and his gold earrings. Barnacle Black Ear, though, is not very proud of his son Henry. Henry likes to read books instead of acting like a pirate. Henry reads all of the books that they steal from other ships. Barnacle Black Ear threatens to throw the books overboard and has Henry swab the decks. The other pirate bunnies tell Henry that he will not find treasure, sharpen a hook, or sand a peg leg while reading a book. Henry notices one day that the sky is red, the parrots are squawking, and the fish are jumping. Henry knows from his books that a big storm is coming. Henry tries to warn the other pirates (even his father), but they do not want to listen. So Henry packs all his books into empty treasure chests and gets ready for the storm. After the storm is over, the ship has sunk, and all that’s left are the pirates and Henry’s chests of books. What will the pirates do? How will they be able to go on without their ship and treasure? Will Henry’s books come in handy?

by Anita Ganeri

This nonfiction book discusses what rabbits look like, rabbit babies, choosing a rabbit, a rabbit’s cage, how to carry a rabbit home with you, how to keep a rabbit safe and play with it, what to feed a rabbit, how to clean the cage, how rabbits communicate, and how to keep your rabbit healthy. Some important things to know are that rabbits need to be taken to the veterinarian every six months for a checkup, and their cages need to be cleaned once a week. At the end of the book are some useful tips for caring for your rabbit and some fun facts about rabbits.

Cinder Rabbit
by Lynn E. Hazen and illustrated by Elyse Pastel

Zoe rushes to the Grand Rabbits School one morning, and all of the rabbits are excited about the spring play. Mrs. Lopp tells the students that the play will be on Friday, and then she draws names out of a hat to see who will get each part. Zoe is going to be Cinder Rabbit, and her friend Frida tells her that she is the star. Then the teacher tells Zoe that she will lead the Bunny Hop at the end of the play, and this worries Zoe. Zoe does not want to hop anymore after hopping into a mud puddle and being laughed at. Zoe asks Frida and Winifred if they would like to be Cinder Rabbit, but they both like the roles they already have. The next day the students make invitations for the play, and Zoe gets so worried that she cannot eat her carrot cake. Zoe practices hopping, but she cannot get the mud puddle out of her head. The next day the class gets the posters, scenery, and costumes ready. Mrs. Lopp puts them into line for the bunny hop, but Zoe ends up tripping everyone in her class. Will Zoe be able to hop before the play begins on Friday night? Will the play be successful?

Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story
by Michaela Morgan and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

Valentino and Valenteeny or Tino and Teeny live very close to each other, and every time they see one another, they think that the other is very lovely. Tino and Teeny never say this to each other, because they are both really, really shy. Then Tino decides to write Teeny a letter one day and put it in the hollow log. Tino invites Teeny over to share some clover with him. Tino puts the letter in the log just as it starts to rain and then hurries home. Teeny has the same idea as Tino, and she also writes him a letter. She leaves her letter, with some petals and leaves, in the log, too. The mouse family is getting very wet in their nest, and they decide to move into the hollow log. The mouse family tears up the letters to make a nest for themselves in the log. The family is snug and warm in the log. When the sun comes out, the mice see Tino and Teeny crying at the log, because no letters came for them from the other. What will the mice family do to help Tino and Teeny? Will they be able to help the two rabbits become friends?

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