Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex
by Lisa McClatchy and illustrated by John Manders

Erin wants to invite a real dinosaur to her sixth birthday party, so she gets a piece of paper and her dinosaur pen. Then Erin writes a letter to Tyrannosaurus Rex, and she asks him to come to her party. She also sends him a map to her house, and tells him that there will be big, red balloons and signs on her street, to show Tyrannosaurus Rex the way. Erin also tells Tyrannosaurus Rex not to be frightened of her dog, Violet, when she barks at him. Erin also tells Tyrannosaurus Rex that they will have toys that look like him, and they will play pirates on the play set. There are also other activities that Tyrannosaurus Rex might enjoy. What games do you think a Tyrannosaurus Rex would like to play at a party? Erin also tells Tyrannosaurus Rex that there will be pepperoni pizza, too. Erin would also like Tyrannosaurus’s help in blowing out her candles and opening presents. Do you think that Tyrannosaurus Rex will make it to Erin’s party?

Little Rex, Big Brother
by Ruth Symes and illustrated by Sean Julian

Rex believes that he is the scariest dinosaur in the world with the pointiest teeth, and the loudest roars, but Rex’s friends Spikey and Three-Horns tell him he will have to try harder to scare them. Rex’s mom and dad call him “dear little Rex,” but Rex always tells him that he is big, not little. So Rex jumps in the lake and tells his Auntie Fang and Uncle Claw that he is a mud monster that will eat them, but they call him a funny little tyrannosaurus. Rex tells them that he is big and scary. That afternoon, Spikey and Three-Horns are having a jumping contest, and Rex jumps up so high that his teeth get caught in a branch. Once again, his friends call him “little,” and Rex tells him that he is big. Rex’s mom and dad ask him to watch after the eggs while they do swimming, and Rex tells them he will. Rex lays down next to the nest, and he is almost asleep, when he hears a “tip tap” noise. He looks up to find where the noise is coming from. He looks around all over to find the sound. Then he sees what the sound is. What do you think Rex heard? Will he be a little scary to his little brothers and sisters, because of his size? Will he be a great big brother?

The Super Hungry Dinosaur
by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Leonie Lord

Hal and his dog, Billy, were playing in the backyard, when along comes a “super hungry” dinosaur. The dinosaur tells Hal that he is going to eat him, but Hal tells him that he is too small. Then the dinosaur tells him that he will eat Hal’s mom, but Hal says no. Then the dinosaur tells him that he will eat his dad, but Hal says no. Then the dinosaur tells Hal that he will eat Billy. Hal is a little scared, but he tells the dinosaur a big NO! The dinosaur starts chasing Hal and Billy, but Hal rides on a scooter and jumps on the trampoline, and Hal and Billy get the dinosaur tied up with the garden hose. Do you think the hose will hold the dinosaur? What does Henry make the dinosaur do with the backyard? What will Hal’s mom make the “super hungry” dinosaur to eat? Does the dinosaur enjoy it? Is the dinosaur full by the end of the story?

How to Raise a Dinosaur
by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Pablo Bernasconi

A boy wants to help you find the perfect pet. There are a lot of choices, such as horses, mice, cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, birds, and dinosaurs. There are some things you need to know before choosing a dinosaur, though, and the boy is going to share them with you. First, you need to decide where you are going to keep your dinosaur. It has to be somewhere where the dinosaur has plenty of room. Then you can go to the Dinosaur Shop. Would you prefer a big dinosaur or a small one? Do you want a dinosaur that eats plants or meat? You will also need to buy the dinosaur a big bowl, food, toys, and a leash. What name will you give your dinosaur? Dinosaurs need to be fed ten times a day and walked five times. What are some other things that you think need to be done for a dinosaur? What are some tricks you would like to teach a dinosaur? What do you think a dinosaur would need most?

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