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Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer J FIC COLFER

Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox
Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

Artemis Fowl: Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl, has decided that the best way to come up with the funds to find his missing father (and restore the family fortune) is to hold a fairy ransom and collect the gold that would be paid to return said fairy. Along with his bodyguard/manservant, Butler, they manage to succeed in their kidnapping. What Artemis does not factor into his equations is Captain Holly Short, the fairy that he ends up kidnapping and member of LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance). Holly is not going to go down without a fight, and she is certainly not going to let a Mud Boy (what the fairies call humans) get one over on her. I warn you ahead of time, this is not the book where you are going to like Artemis very much. He is too brilliant for his own good, and he can be quite hardhearted when it comes to getting what he wants. He will grow on your in the later books, though, especially with Holly's influence to keep him in line. You will, however, love the other characters (especially Holly), and I could not wait to move on to the rest of the series after finishing this one.

The Arctic Incident: In the second story, Artemis finds out information about his father. Then he is brought in for questioning about problems that have been happening in the Lower Elements. Holly is not one to forgive Artemis, so she is still suspicious of his motives, but she still ends up helping him in his quest to find his father, just like he is helping the fairies deal with their problems. Artemis really begins to grow on you in this story, just as he begins to grow on Holly. I love the interaction between Artemis and Foaly (they believe that each is smarter than the other, but I think they are on pretty even footing).

The Eternity Code: Artemis decides to build a new gadget, using stolen fairy technology, of course, and it just so happens that his gadget contains information about The People in the Lower Elements. Then, of course, said gadget gets stolen by a Chicago business man (to whom Artemis wanted to sell the techonolgy for funds). Unfortunately, Butler also gets shot in the process, and Artemis needs Holly's help in getting Butler back. He will also need the People's help in getting the technology back. This book really shows just how devious Artemis can be, especially when you cross him. I also really enjoy the relationship between Butler and Artemis. You can see just how special Butler is to Artemis by how far Artemis is willing to go to save him.

The Opal Deception: The fairies believed it was a better idea to erase Artemis's memory of The People and everything he had learned about them. Unfortunately, this also means that Artemis is back to his old criminal masterminding ways. This time it is a priceless painting locked in a maximum security bank vault that he has his eye on. There is trouble lurking around the corner for everyone, though. An old enemy is back and out for the blood of those who thwarted her dastardly plan, and the name at the top of her list is Artemis Fowl. The first to fall to her wrath, though, is Captain Holly Short. Holly will need Artemis's help, but to get it, she will need to get through to him and help him get his memory back. The relationship between Artemis and Holly gets much closer in this book, and this relationship will be important in the rest of the series.

The Lost Colony: Apparently, at the same time as the fairy world decided to go underground to protect themselves from the humans, the demon world decided to continue the fight. They moved their island into another dimension (Limbo), and there they would wait until they were strong enough to defeat the humans. Now, the spell holding it there is weakening, and demons are appearing all over Earth. A secret section of fairies (including Holly) will need Artemis to help them decipher the temporal equations to figure out where the next demons will be appearing. Artemis is ready at the next location that a demon is set to appear, but he is not the only human that can figure this out. His new nemesis is just as smart as Artemis, and she is only twelve years old. There is also a little imp named No 1 who will play an important part in the upcoming chaos.

The Time Paradox: Artemis needs magical help when his mother becomes very, very ill. Then Artemis finds out that the very thing that could cure his mother is a lemur that was destroyed years ago by a scheme a younger Artemis came up with the add money to the family's shrinking bank account. To get his hands on the lemur, Artemis will need the help of his fairy friends to travel back in time. However, this trip will put his good friend, Captain Holly Short, into the sights of a maniacal poacher. Artemis will also have to pit himself against his biggest adversary yet, his ten-year-old self. The original reader of this book on audio, Enn Reitel, is very different than Nathaniel Parker (which drove me crazy while listening to it), so I recommend choosing Nathaniel Parker's reading of this story, if you are going to listen to it.  

The Atlantis Complex: I will warn you, that I find this by far the weakest book in the series. This is also the one book that I have not listened to yet, so that might have something to do with my opinion of the story. Humans were not meant to hold magic within their bodies. Artemis finds out the consequences of doing such a thing in this story. It is called the Atlantis Complex. This is a psychosis, and the symptoms include obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoia, multiple personality disorder, and the inability to control your emotions. Artemis is determined to save the planet by any means necessary, but the illness is not letting him see things clearly. Artemis's illness also comes at a bad time. An old foe is back again, and the crew will need the old Artemis in order to stop her scheme (and a giant squid).

The Last Guardian: This is the final story in the series. The villain is a familiar character (the heroes have faced her and her crazy schemes a few times before). Now Opal Koboi is prepared to destroy the whole human race in order to become the head of the fairy world. To do this, she is prepared to sacrifice whatever is necessary (even her younger self, which causes lots of issues in both the human and fairy world). Then she releases a power that has waited ten thousand years for its revenge on the humans that tried to destroy the fairies. Will Artemis and his team be able to defeat Opal one more time and save all the humans? What will Artemis be willing to sacrifice?

It is amazing to me, as a look back, to see how much Artemis changes from the criminal mastermind that he was at the beginning of the story. It really took me until the third book in the series to start caring for Artemis. I, like Holly, had a hard time believing that Artemis would ever be able to use his genius for good, but I was pleasantly surprised as each story came along. Eoin Colfer creates characters that I hope you will love as much as I do. I really enjoyed listening to each story, and Nathaniel Parker does an amazing job of projecting each of the characters quirks through their voices. Each story is action packed and funny, but there is also so much more to enjoy. Give them a try!

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