Friday, March 28, 2008

The Irish Potato Famine In Fact and Fiction

Allan The Irish Famine
J 941.5081 Allan
Examines the political and economical impact
of this disaster.

Bartoletti Black Potatoes
J 941.5081 Bartolet
A mysterious blight attacked Irish potato crops
turning the potatoes black. This is the story of
families who suffered from starvation, disease, and
loss of family and friends and the heroic people who
held on to hope.

Gallagher The Irish Potato Famine
J 941.5081 Gallaghe
This disaster and the reforms and improvements
that came out of it are portrayed.

Heneghan The Grave
J Fic Heneghan
Thirteen-year-old Tom, an unhappy foster
child in Liverpool, falls into a massive open
grave and is transported to Ireland in 1847,
where he finds himself in the midst of the deadly
potato famine.

Nardo The Irish Potato Famine
J 363.809415 Nardo
Examines the historical, economic, scientific,
and human factors involved in the great famine
in Ireland in the nineteenth century.

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