Friday, April 4, 2008

Irish Americans In Children's Books

Bartoletti The Journal of Finn Reardon
J Fic Bartolet
Finn Reardon, a thirteen-year-old Irish-American

newspaper carrier who hopes to be a journalist someday,
keeps a journal of his experiences living in New York City in
1899. Includes historical notes.

Hurst Torchlight
J Fic Hurst
In 1864, fifth-grader Charlotte befriends

an Irish-American girl at school and tries to
understand the prejudices between the Irish
and the Yankees in her town of Westfield,
Massachusetts. Based on historical events.

Russell Maggie’s Amerikay
E Russell
In New Orleans in 1898, while her mother talks

of saving to buy land and her father insists on the
importance of an education, young Irish immigrant
Maggie McCrary is determined to find her own way
in the new place they call home.

Woodruff Small Beauties
J Fic Woodruff
Darcy Heart O'Hara, a young Irish girl who

neglects her chores to observe the beauties
of nature and everyday life, shares "family memories"
with her homesick parents and siblings after the
O'Haras are forced to emigrate to America in the 1840s.

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