Monday, December 28, 2009

Some New Books for December

Deep-Space Disco
by Erik Craddock

This graphic novel has spaceships, robots, and mistaken identity. One day while Stone Rabbit is playing a game with his friends, a shape shifter named Melvin takes his place and sends him off into space. There he is caught by intergalactic enforcers and faces the crimes that Melvin had committed. When he is found guilty, he is sentenced to a place where robots try to destroy him. Meanwhile, Stone Rabbit’s friends are in danger with Melvin. Will Stone Rabbit be able to get away from the robots? Will he be able to make it home and save his friends and stop Melvin and his plans to destroy Stone Rabbit’s home and planet?

Imogene’s Last Stand
by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Imogene has loved history since she was very small. In fact, her first words were, “Four score and seven years ago…” In school, she lectured about important women in history during show-and-tell. Imogene decided one day to, with the help of her father, clean up the Liddleville Historical Society that was in a old house that was not being used. She cleaned and organized all of the historical items she found in the house, and then waited to give tours to the people of Liddleville. Unfortunately, no one came. Then one day, Imogene finds that the city is going to tear down the house to build a shoelace factory. The mayor believes the factory “will put the town on the map.” Imogene decides to fight for her society building. Will she be able to stop them from tearing the house down? Can she stand against the other members of the town who believe the shoelace factory is the right way to go? At the beginning and end of the book is information about individuals that Imogene quotes to others.

Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle
by Major Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson, and Mary Nethery

There was a dog that lived at a fort in Iraq who had his ears cut to make him a dog of war. This dog was the leader of a pack of wild dogs. Then one day a marine named Major Brian Dennis and ten other Marines arrived at the fort. Major Dennis became friends with “Nubs,” which he named the dog. Nubs liked the belly rubs that he got from Major Dennis, and Nubs stayed with Major Dennis during his turn at guard duty. Soon Major Dennis had to leave, and Nubs could not go with him. When they came back again, Major Dennis saw that Nubs had been hurt, and the Marines helped him to get better. One time after they left, Nubs decided to follow the Marines. It took him two days and seventy miles, but he found Major Dennis. Nubs stayed with the Marines, until someone else told about the dog. Major Dennis was ordered to make Nubs leave. Major Dennis then decided to send Nubs to the United States. It would cost $2,000, though, and Major Dennis and his men worked to raise the money. Was Major Dennis successful in getting Nubs sent to the United States? Where is Nubs now?

The Circus Ship
By Chris Van Dusen

One day, while on a boat traveling to their next show, fifteen animals are stranded in the water when the boat they are riding in smashes into a ledge that no one could see in the fog. The animals manage to swim all night to an island beach. The walk to the village nearby and the people in the village are very surprised to see them. The animals start creating problems for the people in the village by eating their flowers or playing with their laundry. Then one night, there is a fire, and the tiger, which is used to jumping through fire, saves a little girl. The people and the animals get along just fine after this. Then the people hear that the mean owner of the animals is coming to take them away. The people come up with a plan. Will the animals be able to hide from their owner? Will they be able to stay in the village with the people they like so much?

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