Monday, December 14, 2009


The Kids’ Holiday Baking Book: 150 Favorite Dessert Recipes from Around the World
by Rosemary Black

In this recipe book there are hundreds of recipes for desserts for all occasion from around the world. At the beginning of the book, the author lists the different equipment, cooking terms, basic ingredients, and safety tips that children will need before they start making any of these delicious desserts. At the beginning of each holiday, the author provides some facts about the holidays and some history, too. She also tells you about how different people around the world celebrate these holidays. There are recipes for fun drinks, as well as the desserts. Some of the recipes include: Pretty in Pink Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake for Valentine’s Day, Emerald Isle Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day, Italian Easter Pie, Patriotic Pound Cake with Three Berries for Independence Day, and Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake with Cranberry Glaze for Thanksgiving.

All for Pie, Pie for All
by David Martin and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

One day, Grandma Cat makes an apple pie. After everyone has a slice, there is one slice left. The Cat family takes a nap after eating their pie. The Mouse family smells the apple pie. After everyone is a piece, there are some crumbs left over. Then the Mouse family takes a nap after eating their pie. The Ant family smells the apple pie. After everyone in the Ant family has a crumb, there is one crumb left. Then Baby Ant woke up and took the last crumb of the pie. Grandma Cat wakes up hungry and asks everyone if they would like another pie. The reply from everyone, even the Mouse family and Ant family, is yes. Everyone helps to make the pie, and then everyone helps eat the pie.

The Chocolate Cat
by Sue Stainton and illustrated by Anne Mortimer

There is a chocolate maker who lives alone with his cat and never smiles. His shop is starting to look worn and his chocolates are piling up, as no one really ever stops to buy any. The people thought his cat was lazy, and the cat did not like the people very much. Then one day the chocolate maker makes some chocolate mice with pink-sugar tails. The cat thinks he sees one of the mice move, and then he tries part of a tail. The chocolate made the cat happy. So he takes one of the mice to the greengrocer. Eating the mouse makes the greengrocer come up with an idea, and he takes some fruit to the chocolate makers and dips it in raspberry syrup and chocolate. This did not make the chocolate maker smile, and cat decided to try again. He takes a mouse to the baker. The baker makes some delicious cakes at the chocolate makers. The chocolate maker still does not smile. Cat takes one mouse after the other to different businesses around town, and each person goes to the chocolate shops to make something special. The man at the hardware store also fixed up the chocolate store. After this, the children come and give them chocolate maker ideas. He makes all kinds of different chocolate for them, and one day, the chocolate maker sees one of the mice move, and he tries it and has a great idea. Will this idea cause the chocolate maker to smile again? How will his chocolate shop do in the future?

This Little Bunny Can Bake
by Janet Stein

Class is about to start at Chef George’s famous dessert school. Students have come from all over to study with Chef George. Chef George shows them all about how to create desserts, but the students do not understand. So he decides to start from the beginning. He shows them a pot, spoon, egg, stove, and some of his recipes. Then he tries to teach them to train their noses by covering their eyes and having them figure out what kind of food they have. Then it is time to bake. He tells them to measure carefully, work as teams, concentrate, and make the dessert smell good. He also tells them to keep the kitchen neat as they cook. How will the students do? Will they be able to follow his advice and cook some delicious desserts?

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