Friday, August 13, 2010


Arthur’s Eyes
by Marc Brown

Before Arthur got his glasses he could not see what was on the board, he had to hold his book close to his nose, and he missed the basket when playing basketball. So Arthur’s parents take him to the optometrist, who tells Arthur that he needs glasses. Arthur picks out a pair and wears them to school the next day. The other kids do not wear glasses, and they make fun of Arthur’s glasses. He decides that he does not want to wear the glasses anymore. Unfortunately, without his glasses, Arthur cannot see the board again, and he may just end up in a room he should not be in. Will Arthur wear his glasses and be able to see clearly? Will the other students stop teasing him and making fun of his glasses?

Princess Peepers
by Pam Calvert and illustrated by Tuesday Mourning

Princess Peepers loves her glasses, and she has many different pairs for many different occasions. Then she attends the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses, and the other princesses there make fun of her glasses. This upsets Princess Peepers who runs out of the room. She decides to stop wearing glasses and goes back to show the other princesses. Unfortunately, without her glasses, Princess Peepers ends up going the wrong way to find the other princesses, puts on an outfit that does not match to go to the ball, and ends up on the tower instead of in the ball room. Will Princess Peepers ever be happy with her glasses again? How will the Prince feel when he meets Princess Peepers with her glasses?

The Patch
by Justina Chen Headley and illustrated by Mitch Vane

On Becca’s fifth birthday she goes to the doctor’s office to get some shots and to check her eyes. The shots go well, but the doctor who checks her eyes tells her that she will need to wear glasses and an eyes patch, so that her left eye can become stronger. Becca does not want to wear glasses, but her mother insists that she get them. The next morning, though, Becca does not want to go to school with her glasses and eye patch. Her brother tells her that he will let her borrow his pirate outfit for the day. All day at school, whenever the other children ask her about her glasses and eye patch, Becca tells them that she is a pirate, private eye, and a one-eyed monster. The other children have a lot of fun pretending with her. Will Becca tell the other children the real reason why she wears an eye patch and glasses? Will the other children be okay with it?

Glasses: Who Needs Em?
by Lane Smith

A doctor tells a young boy that he needs glasses, but the young boy is not convinced. The doctor tells the boy that lots of people wear glasses. Then he starts telling the boy exactly who wears glasses: parents, sisters, inventors, little green men, pink elephants, cats, dogs, robots, tall giraffes, potatoes, sock puppets, and many others. The boy does not believe the doctor. Will the doctor be able to convince the boy that all of these things and more wear glasses? How will he convince the boy to wear glasses?

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