Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August is National Peach Month

Easy as Pie
by Cari Best and pictures by Melissa Sweet

Jacob loves to watch his favorite TV show, Cooking with Monty. Chef Monty is baking and pie, and so Jacob decides to make one, too. Jacob decides to make a peach pie, and he gathers up his ingredients and puts on his apron and baking hat. Then his sister Charlotte comes in to tell him that it is almost time to go. The family is going to Alfredo’s to celebrate their parents’ anniversary. Jacob continues to follow Chef Monty’s rules and bake the pie, instead of getting ready. When Charlotte comes back, she decides to read her book while Jacob continues to bake his pie. When their parents ask if they are ready, Jacob and Charlotte reply, “Almost.” Jacob’s parents come in to the kitchen to see if the children are ready, but Jacob needs to wait until his pie is finished. The pie is soon done cooking, but then it needs to cool. Jacob’s parents say that they need to leave and go to the restaurant, but Jacob wants to wait on his pie. Will the family end up making it to the restaurant? Will the pie turn out alright? At the back of the book, there is a recipe for Jacob’s Happy Peach Pie.

Peach Heaven
by Yangsook Choi

In Puchon, South Korea in 1976, Yangsook sat around thinking about a peach garden instead of doing her homework. When she starts her homework assignment, she has to write about the best thing in her home town. She thinks the best things are peaches. Puchon was known for the best peaches in Korea, and Yangsook loves them, even though she does not get many because they are expensive. Suddenly, Yangsook’s grandmother calls her to come look outside. It is raining really hard, and the water has reached the top of the porch. Yangsook, her brother, and her grandmother all see something falling off of the roof. Yangsook ties herself to the porch and then goes to see what it is. She sees that the things are peaches, and it looks like it is raining peaches as well as rain. Yangsook gathers the peaches up and puts them inside her umbrella. The whole family gets to eat the peaches, and this makes Yangsook very happy. Yangsook soon worries about the farmers who had lost their peaches. The next morning Yangsook and her friends take all of the peaches that they have gathered up into the mountains, and they tie the peaches back onto the trees with yarn. Will the farmer’s be happy that the children brought back the peaches? Will they be able to get most of their peaches back?

Peach & Blue
by Sarah S. Kilborne and paintings by Lou Fancher

One day a blue-bellied toad is resting under the shade of a tree, when he feels raindrops on his head. When he looks up at the sky, though, there are no rain clouds. Then he noticed a peach hanging from the tree, and saw that the drops were coming from the peach, who was crying. Blue, the frog, asks Peach what is wrong, and she tells him she wants to see the rest of the world before she is picked off of her tree. Blue tells her about where he lives and all of his brothers of sisters, and he tells Peach that he wants to help her. Blue gets all of his brothers and sisters to help him get Peach off of the tree, and then he gets his brothers and sisters to help him find a bowl and put Peach in it. In this bowl, Blue is able to push Peach around to see the grass, moss, ladybugs, sky, swans, whippoorwills, and even damselflies. Peach even helps Blue to see things that he had never noticed before. Will Peach be able to see everything that she wanted to see? Has Blue made a new friend?

Three Sacks of Truth
adapted by Eric A. Kimmel and illustrated by Robert Rayevsky

There was once a king who likes peaches, but he does not like paying for the peaches that he eats. So he announces to the kingdom that he will give his daughter to be married to the man who has the perfect peach. This is just a trick to get free peaches, though, and the king does not intend to have his daughter marry anybody. In that kingdom, there lives a widow with her three sons, Pierre, Pascal, and Petit Jean. The widow has grown a peach tree that has three perfect peaches on it. So she sends Pierre with the first peach. Pierre is rude to the lady at a holy well, and he tells her that he has frogs and toads in the basket, when she asks about what is inside. When he gets to the king, Pierre finds that there are frogs and toads in the basket, and the king has him thrown out. The same thing happens to Pascal. Then it is Petit Jean’s turn. He is the cleverest son, and so he is polite and tells the woman at the well exactly what is inside his basket. For his honesty and politeness, she gives him fife to use with the king. When Petit Jean shows his peach to the king, the king announces that it is a perfect peach. He did not want Petit Jean to marry his daughter, though, so he gives Petit Jean another job. Will Petit Jean be able to do what the king wants? Will he get to marry the Princess? How will he get the king to keep his promise?

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