Monday, September 27, 2010

Some New Books for September

No More, Por Favor
by Susan Middleton Elya and pictures by David Walker

This picture book has some Spanish words to describe the animals and food, and there is a glossary and pronunciation guide in the front of the book. The story starts with a little monkey who has decided that he is tired of eating bananas. Then there are more and more little animals, such as the parrot, who is tired of papayas, the toucan, who is tired of pomegranate seeds, the iguana, who is tired of mango, and many other little animals who have become tired of eating the same things over and over. What will the little animals’ parents feed them? Will they get to try eating something new?

The Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Traditional and Newly Discovered Tales of Karl Friedrich Hieronymous von Munchausen
by Heinz Fanisch with illustrations by Aljosch Blau and translated by Belinda Cooper

The fictional book begins with a little note by Heinz Janisch to say that the Baron Munchhausen was a real person who told stories of his adventures as he traveled around. The book contains several of the stories that were written by Munchausen into a notebook. In one story, the baron arrives in a town that is covered in snow. He ties his horse to a pole that is sticking up out of the snow, and then he goes to sleep in the snow. When he wakes up, though, the snow is gone, and he finds his horse hanging from the top of a church steeple, which was what the pole that was sticking up was. He shoots the leather strap holding the horse up there, and then he and his horse take off out of town. Each page has a story of the baron’s on one side, with a beautifully illustrated picture on the other. In one story, the baron rides on a cannonball, and in another story a lady gives the baron and his companions a bag of sunshine so they can find their way through the forest to a hut. Each story is big and entertaining. What other adventures of the baron’s will you find?

Periwinkle Smith and the Faraway Star
by John & Wendy

Periwinkle Smith really enjoys looking through her little gold telescope at birds, fish, and even enemy pirates, and at night, she uses the telescope to look up at the stars. Then she notices one star that is off on its own and that looks very lonely. She decides to become that star’s friend, so that it will not be lonely. So she writes the star a letter and gives it to a little bird to deliver to the star, but the little bird does not take the letter to the star. Then she paints the star a picture and tries to send it to him with a balloon, but the balloon does not make it to the star, either. Periwinkle then decides to create a rocket that will take her message to the star, but the rocket does not make it off the ground. Periwinkle worries that she will not be able to reach the star, but then she gets an idea after seeing her flashlight. What will Periwinkle do to reach the star? Will the star be happy to have a new friend?

City Dog, Country Frog
by Mo Willems and pictures by John H Muth

In the spring, City Dog decides to run as far and fast as he can, and then he meets Country Frog. He asks what the frog is doing, and the frog says, “Waiting for a friend, but you’ll do.” So City Dog and Country Frog play Country Frog games together of jumping and croaking. Then in the summer, City Dog goes back to find his friend Country Frog, and they play City Dog games of sniffing and fetching together. In the fall, Country Frog is tired, so they play remembering games of the fun they have had together in the spring and summer. When City Dog comes back in the winter, will he find Country Frog? Will he still be able to have a fun trip?

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