Monday, September 20, 2010

Teddy Bears

One True Bear
by Ted Dewan

One bear named Darcy Brewster is a very brave bear who decides to volunteer to become a boy named Damian’s “One True Bear.” Damian is very hard on his stuffed animals, and no other bear had the stuffing to become Damian’s “One True Bear.” When Damian first sees Darcy, he is a little rough with him, but Darcy tells him that he cannot love and comfort Damian without his arms. In fact, every time Damian tries to be rough with Darcy, Darcy reminds him that he cannot love and keep Damian company if Damian tears him up. The days keep passing where Damian is not rough with Darcy, and Darcy knows that he has succeeded in becoming Damian’s “One True Bear.” Then one day Darcy falls under the bed and Damian forgets that he is there. Will Damian remember his “One True Bear?” Will Darcy have to stay under the bed forever?

Everybody Has a Teddy
by Virginia Kroll and illustrated by Sophie Allsopp

Everyone in a child’s class has a teddy bear except for her. All of them have lots of different kinds of bears. Hunter has a bear with stuffing poking out, Ben has a bear that moves and beats a bongo drum, Katie has a bear that is also a backpack, Josh has a teddy bear that is bigger than he is, and Sethy has a roly-polar bear that was once white. Everywhere he looks, he sees the different kinds of teddy bears that everyone else brought. This child does not have a teddy bear, but what do you think he brought instead?

Bedtime without Arthur
by Jessica Meserve

Bella’s bear is named Arthur, and Arthur protects her at night from anything that is hiding in the dark. One day when Bella went to give Arthur a slice of pizza, she cannot find him. She looks everywhere, but she cannot find him. Her parents tell her that they will look for Arthur in the morning, but Bella is very scared without Arthur there to protect her while she is sleeping. She also has bad dreams without him there. The next day, she still cannot find Arthur, and she has to go to bed without him again. That night, Bella sees something outside her window, so she runs into her little brother’s room. She finds something there that really surprises her. What did Bella find in her little brother’s room? Will she ever be able to find Arthur and get a good night’s sleep again?

The Perfect Bear
by Gillian Shields and illustrated by Gary Blythe

One day a girl gets a little white bear that plays music when you turn a little key. The bear was very proud of the way that he looked. The bear thought his name was “Do not touch,” and he did not like it when the little girl tried to play with him. Every time that she plays with him, he loses his hat, gets sand in his fur, and gets his fur dirty and this make the bear very angry. One day, the little girl gives him a bath, and his fur is not white or soft anymore. The bath also breaks his music box, and the girl takes it out for him. The bear is sad that he is now a plain, old bear, but the little girl starts taking him to bed with her at night because he is much cuddlier. The bear is very sad, but the old pink rabbit tells him that it is better to be loved that to be beautiful. Then one night, the girl tells the bear that she loves him, and this causes him to think. The next day, the little girl loses her bear in the department store. Will she be able to find him? Will the bear ever think that it is better to be loved than beautiful?

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