Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun, Weird, and Mind-Boggling Fact Books other than Guinness World Records Books

If you’re a fan of weird and mind-boggling facts, information, and trivia like in the Guinness World Records books (J 031 GUINNESS), here are some other books that have strange information guaranteed to amaze you (if they don't amaze you, we'll be amazed by that!)


This book has plenty of weird and fascinating facts that you almost won’t believe about various topics, from outer space to American history.

This one is a little different than a typical fun facts book because it is all about amazing things that happen every day. For instance, 77 million pounds of tomatoes are eaten every day in the United States! 

Cool facts about anything and everything, from which country eats the most chocolate to which U.S. state has the most waterparks. Lots of pictures go along with the information.

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s worth adding that this book covers weird facts about size, price, animals and plants, sports, food, arts, space, weather, jobs, technology, the human body, and a lot more.

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