Friday, April 18, 2008

Cool New Cats

Enjoy These New Picture Books:

Cat Jumped In By Tess Weaver
E Weaver
An outdoor cat jumps into a house causing messes
wherever he goes. This story brings out the curiosity
that many cats seem to have. At the end of the story,
he finds his way into someone’s heart.

Sammy Salami By Jerry Smith
E Smith
When Pete was overworked and tired,
he put out a Help Wanted sign. A scrawny cat
appears. Pete names him Sammy Salami because
he really likes to eat salami and he gets to be a nice
rotund cat. Pete leaves Sammy behind when he
goes on vacation and Sammy sets out to find Pete.
Sammy finds himself in adventures and brings
together Pete and a lady named Lolly.

Good Night Nori By Brigitte Weninger
E Weninger
Little Nori the cat can’t sleep so he gets out of bed
to see what his friends are up to. His friends try to
help him with his problem. With the help of his
friends, Nori is finally able to go to sleep.
Nice bedtime story for little ones. A cozy read.

Skippyjon Jones Shape Up
Skippyjon Jones 1-2-3 By Judy Schachner
E Schachne
These two board books feature an active little kitty boy
who in Shape Up, he has all kinds of adventures on shapes;
on 1-2-3, he learns his numbers as he bounces along.
Basic concept books for the very young. The numbers 1-10
in the back are in Spanish and English.

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