Thursday, April 24, 2008

Woof Woof For Poetry....Dog Verse

What a cool combination....dogs and poems! Enjoy!

George, Kristine O. Little Dog Poems
J 811.54 George
Here are thirty short poems about Little Dog, as told
by the the little girl who loves him. Little Dog wakes
her up, chases a vacuum cleaner, corners a beetle, and
has a day’s worth of fun with the little girl. Cute illustrations.

Gottfried, Maya Good Dog
J 811.6 Gottfrie
Cute, free flowing poems told in viewpoint of 16 different
dogs. If you’ve ever known a little Chihuahua with a brave heart,
a Pomeranian with poofy hair, or a super faithful Maltese…you
will probably enjoy meeting these very special dogs.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett (sel) A Dog’s Life
J 811.008 D
Twenty three poems celebrate the dog. A wide assortment
of authors are represented, including Karla Kuskin, Carl Sandburg,
Gwendolyn Brooks, and Robert Frost.

Sidman, Joyce Meow Ruff
J 811.54 Sidman
When a dog sneaks out of his house and meets up
with a little white cat left alone on the curb,
an unlikely friendship forms between the two
as a storm begins to brew in the skies above,
in a tale with poetic verse.

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