Monday, August 25, 2008

Puddles In Picture Books

Ginsburg, Mirra Good Morning, Chick
E Ginsburg
When he tries to imitate a rooster, a newly-hatched chick falls in a puddle.

Kleven, Elisa The Puddle Pail
E Kleven
When his older green brother suggests that he collect things,
Ernst, a young blue crocodile, comes up with an unusual choice: puddles.

Lobel, Arnold Small Pig
ER Lobel
Because the farmer's wife insists on cleaning his mud puddle, a little pig
runs away to the city where he becomes permanently stuck in what he
thought was a mud puddle.

McPhail, David The Puddle
E McPhail
A boy sets out to sail his boat in a puddle and is joined by a frog, a turtle,
an alligator, a pig, and an elephant.

Munsch, Robert N. Mud Puddle
E Munsch
A mud puddle sits waiting to muddy up Jule Ann. Can it be defeated by smelly soap?

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