Friday, August 29, 2008

Salami In Children's Books

Levy, Elizabeth
A Hair-Raising Tail
J Mys Levy
After Fletcher, a salami-loving basset hound, is wrongly accused

of eating a pet rabbit, he and his sidekick, Jasper the flea, must find
the true culprit before Fletcher is sent back to the dog pound.

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus
The Worms Of Kukumlima
J Fic Pinkwate
Ronald accompanies his grandfather, the salami snap magnate,

and the world famous explorer Sir Charles Pelicanstein,
on an expedition to Africa to search for the intelligent worms of Kukumlina.

Smath, Jerry
Sammy Salami
E Smath
When chubby cat Sammy Salami's owner Pete goes missing,

Sammy boards a train to look for him, is adopted by a passenger
and has a nice vacation, but he continues to look for Pete.

Winkler, Henry
I Got A “D” In Salami
J Fic Winkler
Antics ensue after Hank throws his report card into a meat grinder.

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