Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Peaches In Children's Stories

Choi, Yansook Peach Heaven
E Choi
Puchon, the Korean town where Yangsook lives, is famous for wonderful peaches. One year a rainstorm threatens. Yangsook experiences peaches pouring over rooftops. She sympathizes with the farmers who had worked so hard growing the delicious peaches…then she has an idea! This story is based on the author’s own experiences when Puchon was hit by one of the heaviest rainfalls ever occurring there.

Dahl, Roald James And The Giant Peach
J Fic Dahl
Orphan James must live with his two cruel aunts. He becomes

leader of child size insects he finds in the pit of a giant peach that
somehow grows in his aunts’ backyard.

Kilborne, Sarah S. Peach & Blue
E Kilborne
A frog helps a peach see the world and the peach shows

the frog sights he has never seen before. This is the story
of a very unlikely friendship.

Kimmel, Eric A. Three Sacks Of Truth
E Kimmel
With the aid of a perfect peach, a silver fife, and his own

resources, Petit Jean outwits a dishonest king and
wins the hand of a princess.

Zimelman, Nathan I Will Tell You Of Peach Stone
E Zimelman
An old man and his dog obtain immortality by bringing the
gift of the peach from China to the rest of the world.

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