Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Cool Crafts!

365 Nat
ure Crafts and Activities
by Karen E. Bledsoe and Candyce Norvell and illustrated by Terri and Joe Chicko

This book c
ontains not just crafts, but there are also actitivities that you can do to learn about the world around you. The chapters in the book are titled: Our Precious Planet; How's the Weather?; Skywatching; Flower Fun; Trees: Nature's Giants; Small Creatures; The Animal Kingdom; For the Birds; Water, Water, Everywhere; Preserving Nature's Resources; and Gifts from Nature. In the chapters there are crafts, but there are also recipes (such as making "rock" cookies to show layers), experiments, and even some history lessons. Each activity gives instructions, explanations, and illustrations to show you how to do the activity. In the Gifts from Nature chapter, you can find some ideas for gifts (and even making your own wrapping paper) to give to others.

Scrapbooking Just for You!: How to Make Fun, Personal, Save-Them-Forever Keepsakes

by Candic
e Ransom

The author of this book wants to help you get the basics down on starting your own scrapbooks. In the beginning of the book, there is a section on how to get started, and in this section, there is a brief history on scrapbooking. The author also has a little question and answer section, so she can help you with answers to questions you may be wondering about. There is a list of things that you should not do while making your scrapbook, and a list of supplies and tools that you will need. The book is divided into three main sections: the first section is basic information on scrapbooking, the second section is about creating page layouts, and the third section has ideas for giving gifts and other projects (even a scrapbook party). The author suggests reading through the first section before beginning your scrapbook. Within the book there are little things to help you in making choices on what to put on your pages, such as a color wheel, layout ideas, and what you will need to make things that you like on the different pages. Finally, the gift ideas in the last section include: calendars, photo albums, picture frames, treasure boxes, notebook journals, and many more.

by Ellen Warwick and Bernice Lum

This book is full of ideas on what to do with your old jeans. You can turn those jeans to transform them into new kinds of clothing, create fashion accessories to go with your new clothes, or even use them to create items to decorate your room with. There are also ideas on how to make jeans that you are wearing a little more exciting. At the beginning of the book, the authors give you some tips for working with denim, and they also give some information about seams, tips on using a sewing machine, and information on embroidery. There are also some cool facts about denim. Each idea gives step-by-step instructions, and there are pictures that show each step in progress. There is also a photograph of each finishe
d project. The projects that are created with denim include slippers, purses, wallets, kercheif, pillows, footstools, and more.

Recyclo-gami: 40 Crafts to Make Your Friends Green With Envy!

by Laurie Goldrick-Wolf

This book shows you lots of things that you can make with recyclable items you have all over the house. The chapters of this book include: Acessorize with Style, Ingenious Jewelry, Spice Up the Kitchen, Bedazzle Your Bedroom, and Games, Gifts, and Great Ideas. Some of the items you can make include: bed sheet scarves, bubble-wrap purses, paper-bead necklaces, decoupaged platters, decorated lamp shades; shadowboxes, and much more.

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