Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Books! Books! Books!

Too Many Books!
by Caroline Feller Bauer and illustrated by Diane Paterson

Ever since she was a baby, Maralou has loved books. After she learns to read by herself, Maralou reads all of the time. She reads while eating breakfast, on the bus, and in the bathtub. Maralou even tries to read while jumping rope. How do you think that goes? Maralou goes to the library every week to bring back the books she has read and borrow more. Then one day during Book Week, Maralou's Aunt Molly gives her a book. Maralou realizes that now she can read this book over and over again without having to return it (like a library book). So Maralou decides to ask for books for any present that she might receive, and she is given books for all kinds of holidays (and her birthday). Maralou also earns some money, so that she can buy her own books. Soon, Maralou has so many books that they do not fit on the bookshelves that her mother and father have built for her. Books are in the bathtub, on the tables, all over the floor, and even in the refrigerator. Maralou has so many books that it is hard to get in and out of her house. The problem is, Maralou wants to read even more books. How will she not have so many books anymore? What do you think that Mara is going to do with all of her books? What would you do if you had as many books as Maralou? What does Maralou's idea about what to do with her books lead to?

But Excuse Me That is My Book
by Lauren Child

Charlie's little sister Lola likes to read, but she really r
eally likes reading this one book right now. Then Lola tells Charlie that their father is taking them to the library, and she is going to get Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies. Charlie tells her that she has checked that book out the last two times, but Lola tells him it is a special book that she really, really, really wants to read again. When they get to the library, Lola tells Charlie that her book is not on the shelf. Charlie tells Lola that it was probably checked out by someone else. Lola is upset and tells Charlie that Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies is her book. Charlie explains that there are lots and lots of other books for Lola to read inside the library, while she is waiting for the other book to come back again. Charlie shows Lola a history book about Romans, but she tells him it is too hard for her to read and needs more pictures. Charlie tells Lola that they can go look for that kind of book. Charlie shows her other kinds of books, but Lola is not convinced that any other book will be as good as Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies (not even the pop-up book). Charlie finally finds a book that it about animals, has lots of pictures, and is funny, and Lola decides she will give it a try. Suddenly, Lola looks up and sees another little girl with Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies. What do you think Lola will do about the book? Do you think she will like the book that Charlie picked out for her as much as the other book? Will her opinion change about Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies being the best book in the whole world?

Stella Louella's Runaway Book
by Lisa Campbell Ernst

On Saturday morning Stella Louella discovers that the library book she has to turn in by five o'clock is missing. Stella Louella looks all over the house, but she cannot find the book anywhere. Stella's father tells her to think about where she had the book last, and she remembers being in the hammock out back with it. They do not find the library book, but they do find Stella's brother, Sam. They ask Sam if he knows where the book is, and he tells them he read it yesterday and left it on the front porch by the mailbox. The three of them do not find the book on the front porch, but they do find the mailman, Mr. Hanson. Mr. Hanson tells them he thought did not know where the book came from, so he read it and left it at the hou
se on the corner (Tiffany Anne's house). The four of them run over to Tiffany Anne's house, and she tells them that she gave the book to Officer Tim (she thought it might be reported missing). The five of them go to the police station to see Officer Tim, but he had left the book at Wanda Lynn's diner. Each person who talks about the book gives a little clue about what the book is about (or called). Will they ever be able to find Stella Louella's book? Where do you think the book finally ends up at? What story do you think everyone is talking about?

My Book Box
by Will Hillenbrand

A little elphant wonders what to do with an empty box that he found. Should he make it a bug box, pizza box, pasta box, hat box, or a hide-and-seek box? He decides on making it a book box! Then he thinks of all the things he can do with the book box: travel with his book box, rest with his book box, or have a book-box lunch with a friend. What would you do if you had your very own book box? What kind of activities would you use your book box for?

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