Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Fun Alphabet Books

by Keith Baker

In this book, you can meet all the alphabet peas. The peas work and play within the ABCs. The are artists, bikers, campers, and dancers. The peas are gigglers, kayakers, outlaws, pilots, sailors, volunteers, and zoologists. The peas also want to know something about you. What are you in the alphabet? Are you a student, a smiler, or a craft maker? When you reach the end of the story, you can work your way through the alphabet and list all of the thing that you are, too. Just like the peas!

Alphabet Fiesta: An English/Spanish Alphabet Story
by Anne Miranda and illustrated by young schoolchildren in Spain

Armando, the armadillo, receives a letter in the mail from Zelda's, the zebra, mother inviting him to a surprise party for Zelda. Bartholomew gets dressed up for the party and rides his bicycle. Carlos, the camel, and Chi-Chi, the chimpanzee, prepare a special basket with Zelda's favorite treats in it (cherries, chocolate, coconuts, and chestnuts)! Each person coming to the party's name is another letter of the alphabet, and they are all bring and doing things with their letters to get to the party for Zelda, such as Flora and Francis, the flamingoes bringing flowers, Hector, the hippopotamus, bringing hamburgers, Olive, the orangutan, plays an opear on her oboe, and many more. What other special presents do you think that Zelda is going to receive? Do you think that she will be really surprised by her party, the people who come to it, and all of the different kinds of presents that she is going to get? Each page has a paragraph in English and a paragraph in Spanish, and the illustrations on each page are very different than the rest.

Apple Pie ABC
by Alison Murray

A little girl is making an apple pie. Her little dog smells the apple pie, and he sits with the little girl while the pie is baking and cooling. The little dog also wants a piece of the apple pie, and he finds a little crumb of it. The little dog likes it so much, that he wants to get a lick of the pie. Unfortunately, he is caught by the little girl, who tells him to walk away from the pie. The little dog decides that he wants a piece of the pie, even though the little girl will probably not be happy with him. Do you think that the little dog is going to get some of the apple pie? Do you think the little girl will be happy with him if he does get some? Each page of this story starts with a different letter of the alphabeth going from a to z. For example: "jumping up for it, kept away from it, leave without it, miserable..."

Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany
by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

Fancy Nancy is going to walk us through the alphabet of all of her favorite fancy words. Fancy Nancy starts off with a little letter to explain this. Each page, starting with accessories, has the word, what it means, the word used in a sentence at the bottom of the page, and an illustration of the word. Some of the words include dapper, fiasco, hostess, monogram, parasol, souvenir, vocabulary, yearn, and many more. At the end, you will know so many fancy word. What was your favorite fancy word? Can you try to use it in a different sentence than the one Fancy Nancy used?

There are many other great alphabet books to be found in our collection. Here is a link to an alphabet bibliography:

This bibliography is also available in the Children's Department if you would like to see it there.

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