Friday, July 18, 2008

Delightful Garbage In Children's Books

Armstrong, Jennifer Once Upon A Banana
E Armstrong
Rhyming street signs tell the story of the chaos that
happens when a juggler’s monkey runs away, snatches
a banana and tosses the peel.

Fine, Edith Hope Armando And The Blue Tarp School
E Fine
Armando and his father are trash-pickers in Tijuana, Mexico, but
when Señor David brings his "school"--a blue tarp set down near
the garbage dump--to their neighborhood, Armando's father decides
that he must attend classes and learn. Based on a true story of
David Lynch from New York, who went to Mexico in 1980 to teach
the children living in the colonia of the city dump. This is a wonderful
story of the “magical” interaction between a teacher and the students.
The theme of valuing education runs throughout the story. Heart-warming!

McMullan, Kate I Stink!
E McMullan
Who goes around town eating smelly sneakers,
moldy meatballs, fish heads and more! No wonder
he proudly boasts: “I STINK!” The loud, sassy,
burping garbage truck has kid appeal. A real…trashy….treat!

Zimmerman, Andrea G. Trashy Town
E Zimmerma
Take the route with Mr. Gilly, trash collector, as he
cleans up the whole town.

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