Thursday, July 31, 2008

Non-Fiction Treats

Buller The Unofficial Official Handbook For Boys
J 031.02 Buller
This book is full of games, facts, activities and things to make. Find out if rats get sweaty, how many words you can write with one pencil, how many meteoroids rain down on earth each day, and if frogs have ears… Find out how to make a worm farm, cool scarecrow, and how to catch a “Hail Mary” pass in football. This book is like potato chips, you can’t stop at one page!

Gill Alaska J979.8 Gill
Alyeska is the Aleut word for the beautiful state called Alaska; it means “the Great Land.” I am bundled up when the thermometer reaches 40, but Alaska can get winter temps of 60 degrees below zero. Find out cool (brrr) facts about the aurora borealis, mushers, the “stinky diaper” flower, and more! Enjoy the poetry and beautiful photographs. Special treats are the Cheechako tips like: Don’t eat yellow snow; Don’t let go of the sled and Stay upwind from whales...

Jackson The Mysterious Universe:
Supernovae, Dark Energy and Black Holes
J 523.84465 Jackson
This book follows scientist Alex Filippenko and his team as they search for supernovae, which are stars that die with a gigantic explosion. He also looks for black holes and studies the effects of dark energy. This book also addresses the ever expanding universe. Dr. Filippenko shows readers science in interesting ways---he sifts grains of sand to demonstrate the vast number of stars which exist and he even dresses up as a black hole. Interesting for those who like to learn more about space. Fine pictures!

The Shepherd’s Trail
J 636.300976 Urbigkit
Each herd or band of sheep is cared for by one or two sheepherders, employed by the ranch owner. They use herding dogs to sort and move sheep. I didn’t know that sheep are early risers. Professional sheep shearers take only about 3 minutes to shear a sheep. Especially cool is the information on how sheepherders know if any of their sheep are missing.

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