Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nonsense Poems For Children

Carroll, Lewis Jabberwocky
J 821.8 Carroll
The author's famous poem is given a modern visual

twist as the Jabberwocky becomes a fourteen-fingered,
slam-dunking beast on the basketball court.

Hort, Lenny Tie Your Socks And Clap Your Feet
J 811.54 Hort
A collection of nonsensical poems about dogs that purr,eating soup

with a knife, a baby girl with a mustache, and other silly situations.

Kennedy, X. J. Ghastlies, Goops, & Pincushions
J 811.54 Kennedy
A collection of nonsense poems describing a variety of unlikely

characters and situations.

Lear, Edward The Pelican Chorus And Other Nonsense
E Lear
The fantasy and nonsense of three of Edward Lear’s most famous

poem tales.

Lear, Edward Quangle Wangle’s Hat
J 821 Lear
The Quangle Wangle thought he was isolated at the top of

a tree but his hat attracted a wide range of visitors.

Yolen, Jane How Beastly: A Menagerie Of Nonsense Poems
J 811.54 Yolen
Funny rhymes and pictures show us some beasts that never were!

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