Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wartime Poetry In Children's Books

Greenfield, Eloise When Horses Ride By: Children In The Times of War
J 811.54 Greenfie
Examines children’s perspectives on war and how it impacts their lives.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett America At War: A Book Of Poems
J 811.0080358 America
Poems dealing with warfare and the emotions stemming from it.
Covers Revolutionary War to IraqWar. Poets include Jane Yolen,
Sara Teasdale, Walt Whitman, Sir Walter Scott and others.
Check out the poems…”Care Package” by Janet Settimo;
“Vocabulary Lesson” by Ann Wagner; and “Front Porch Knitting”
by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater.

Lewis, J. Patrick The Brother’s War
J 811.54 Lewis
Drawn from books, articles, the speeches of Lincoln,
and the letters of Grant and Lee, a historical documentation
of the Civil War uses poetry to bring to life the brutal conflict
that tore America apart.

Meltzer, Milton Hour Of Freedom
J 811.008 Hour
A collection of poems by such authors as Stephen
Vincent Benet, Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes,
and Edna St. Vincent Millay addresses major events
in American history, including the Westward Movement,
slavery, industrialization, and war.

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